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Marcus Dunstan is responsible for the horror film Halloween returns and its Director. Actors were so far still not cast or are not known to us. Halloween returns movie launch is planned for 2017.

A look at our news archive tells us that since 2009 on a new Halloween movie is being discussed. Now again, but this time it’s not a rumor and not a hopeful producer who leans too far out of the window, but hefty: dimension films and Trancas international films have officially announced Halloween returns and send the film next month in production, without that Rob Zombie in any way that would be involved.
The new creators are Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, the authors of the last four saw parts, which bundle their Transcriber for the screenplay. And not only that: Dunstan is also behind the camera and directed by lead – his third time to the collector and the collection. Apparently to connect Halloween returns back to the events in Halloween 2 – that turns horror and from there go new ways, which means that all subsequent sequels – including the zombie movies – are hidden.

Movie hole has unearthed any information about the story: central roles in Halloween returns play therefore the now 18-year old child one of Michael Myers’ victims and a COP kid, which has long been the case of Myers is obsessed and prefers him to even his own daughter. Because Myers is sentenced to death, the two kids, which senses both on revenge against the killer creeps in, to watch live. But as the execution goes wrong and flees Myers, she and her friends get themselves in the firing line. Said COP-father to be Deputy Gary hunt from Halloween 2, which was now promoted to the Sheriff. It would be the connection between the past and today manufactured.

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